Property Tax Relief

Texas taxpayers are continuing their commitment to building stronger, flourishing communities. In Dallas County, our property taxes fund our local schools, community colleges, and county hospital, Parkland.  Unfortunately, the Republican-controlled legislature in Austin’s mantra is “Politics before people,” as evidenced in its failure to strengthen communities and its burden-shifting scheme.

Texas’ salaries are not keeping up with property tax increases. As property valuations increase, property taxes increase. Instead of providing property owners tax relief due to high property valuations, or using the additional resources to invest in our future, the Texas GOP has reduced its economic burden and has shifted it to you.

Today, retirees, individuals on fixed incomes, and middle-class families are struggling to keep up with rising property taxes. Homeowners are increasingly faced with hard choices – either pay rising property taxes and live in want, or surrender your homestead and move out. With skyrocketing healthcare costs, increased property taxes, and deteriorating services…everyone is affected!

Why are property taxes increasing, but the quality of services are not?

During the last ten years, the Texas GOP has decreased its investment in education by 12%, forcing property owners to fill in the gap. Texas public school funding used to include a sizeable state aid investment of 45%. Today, the state is no longer investing, and instead, dropping its economic obligation onto you.

Additionally, instead of providing affordable and accessible healthcare to all Texans, the Texas GOP has denied poor and working-class families preventive healthcare, forcing them to rely on expensive emergency care at county hospitals. This emergency care is subsidized by our property taxes.

We can no longer allow the Texas GOP to destroy our future growth by crippling our present progress.

The government belongs to the people, and the decisions made by these people will determine whether children enjoy a future of abundance and growth or that of deprivation and stagnation. What kind of future do you want?