It is time we invest in Texas children and families. The State Legislature has continuously failed our communities by refusing to adequately invest in our children. Today, our children are packed in oversized classrooms, have access to fewer academic resources and are dropping out at alarming rates. According to a recent study, approximately 25% of Texas high school students dropped out during the 2016-2017 school year. That means 11 students per hour who, as adults, will not possess basic reading, writing and math skills!  That puts them at a severe disadvantage in Texas’ highly competitive job market. What will the future of Texas look like if we lose 1 in 4 future teachers, caretakers, welders, plumbers, doctors, mechanics, nurses, and lawyers? Over the last three decades alone, we have lost over 3.7 million students who never graduated high school and may never reach the heights of their potential. Since 2008, Texas has made the deepest cuts to State education funding in the U.S., only behind Oklahoma. It is time we turn the tide!

As an educator and the parent of a Texas public high school senior, I am committed to strengthening our public schools and empowering our children. I believe every child deserves a textbook. I believe every child deserves access to technology. I believe every child deserves a qualified, committed teacher. I believe every child deserves to be educated in a clean, safe environment. I believe that every child is a gift with the potential to thrive and prosper. I believe in the future of Texas.

Today, we can no longer afford to sacrifice our children and place our public educational system in a financial stranglehold. Failing to invest in our children today, will lead to dire consequences for our future tomorrow.

Ten years ago, Texas provided 45% in public-school funding. Today, despite rising student populations, Texas has reduced its public-school funding to 38%, forcing local taxpayers to fill the gap while also diverting funds to various voucher programs they call “tax credits”.

Texas House District 102 deserves a committed Representative who will fight for our children, our families and our future. As an educator, public school parent, and lifelong servant, I have what it takes to move us into the future and stop living in the past.

Texas Education Today:

  • Texas Ranks 41 in Pre-K through 12
  • Texas Ranks 33 in Higher Education
  • Texas Ranks 36th in per pupil spending, below the national average.
  • Texas Ranks 46th in academic and work environment category. The category weighs factors like school systemquality, teacher-to-student ratios, teacher turnover, safety and teacher union strength.

Texas House District 102 – Educational Snapshot

60% of children in preschool through 12th grade (Enrolled in public school only)
HD 102 School Districts – Dallas Independent School District, Richardson School District and Garland School District
School Districts – Population <18

Dallas Independent School District 3%

  • Anglo – 26%
  • Black – 26.1%
  • Hispanic – 42.3%
  • Other – 7.5%

Garland Independent School District 3%

  • Anglo – 7.1%
  • Black – 9.2%
  • Hispanic – 75.8%
  • Other – 8.8%

Richardson Independent School District 57%

  • Anglo – 31.4%
  • Black – 16.6%
  • Hispanic – 40.4%
  • Other – 9.7%

Dallas County Schools Attrition Rate (the rate at which we lose children before graduation)

  • Anglo – 4%
  • Black – 27%
  • Hispanic – 33%
  • Total – 26%